Who is ALICE?

ALICE Action Network

What Is The ALICE Action Network?

The ALICE Action Network formed as a result of an initiative by the United Way of Northern New Jersey, with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to engage with business leaders and human resource professionals across sectors throughout New Jersey. The mission: to create opportunities to meet and discuss challenges confronting ALICE households, and to share and learn how companies are supporting ALICE in the workplace.

Over the course of six months, the ALICE Action Network was established. The Network began with twelve forums that included corporate partners, small business owners, non-profit leaders, industry groups, unions, and grassroots advocates, and ALICE workers.

At each forum, the United Way of Northern New Jersey engaged participants in a conversation about ALICE in the workplace. Each discussion included efforts to understand the challenges that ALICE households confront, and to brainstorm about a range of workplace, community, and public policy-based strategies and solutions.

The result was a wealth of understanding about the reasons why lower income workers struggle, and some sharing of projects, pilots, and policies that New Jersey companies have implemented to address those concerns. Visit the employee strategies section of this website to learn more about those efforts.